SWSJG - Sisters Who Swing Junior Golf

With SWS Junior Golf Program, Golf is the vehicle for HIGHER EDUCATION. The SWSJG Programs will provide your junior golfer the opportunity to learn the game of golf, improve their skill set in the game of golf, interact with other juniors in a fun and positive environment, attend workshops to become strong essay writers and opportunities to expose creative talent in art. From those that want to learn the game, to those that want to improve to make the game more enjoyable and to those that want to excel and compete at the highest level, our program has something for everyone. Golf is a game that can be played for a life time, and as our workshops in art and writing make preparation for art competitions as well as essay writing for competitions, exams, admissions applications, or school assignments. Our tools are for each student to succeed in middle school, high school and college. Essay writing programs are only available to students who are 10 years of age and older. Tour play is for the golfer that is ready to go from tee to green and compete.

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SWSJG – Sisters Who Swing Junior Golf Program through our exceptional services and innovative programs, the coaches of SWSJG believe you will have a unique and wonderful experience. “We strongly believe coaching is a collaborative journey of self-discovery. It is our job to unlock every person’s potential to maximize their own performance by empowering them to self-correct and self-generate, while we teach the techniques of playing golf. We coach to inspire, motivate and perpetuate a love and passion for the game.

You are at the right place for Junior Golf! A lifetime of fun and friendship. Our membership program enables registered junior participants full membership benefits for a full year starting in January. We offer our juniors educational scholarships and mentorship to succeed from middle school through college, a full range of golf services, clinic benefits and a host of opportunities and life skills workshops.

So why choose a SWSJG membership over other groups? SWSJG program is designed for the junior golfer who is looking to increase their knowledge and ability, while learning in a fun atmosphere. The junior program will incorporate exciting fun games and drills, while teaching the fundamentals of all aspects of the golf game and preparing to compete . THE KEY WORD IS FUN!